Annvita Home Stay

Annvita Home Stay is located in Negombo Beach Road, is a perfect starting point from which you can explore Negombo. It is a good quite location situated in the coastal town of Negombo, just 15 minutes drive from the International Airport and 45 minutes drive to the main city Colombo. 05 minutes drive to Negombo beach area where you can enjoy the lovely long sandy beach. The location is more popular for friendly living atmosphere with traditional Sri Lankan hospitality.

The town has many shops, markets and supermarkets, international food chains and restaurants established here. Local shops and transport are on your door step. With the main train station which is a 10 minute drives and will Link you to the rest of Sri Lanka.

Annvita Home Stay provides accommodation to Holiday makers who wish to spend their holidays with friends and loved ones in a convenient & safe location which has a tourist friendly atmosphere. Annvita is run like a home rather than a hotel.

Sri Lanka - A Paradise for Holiday Makers


When it comes to Sri Lanka, there is no off season for tourism as far as climate is concerned. The island’s western and southern parts get rain from the southwest monsoon from May to July and the northeast monsoon brings in the rains during December and January to the north and east of the country. The temperature of the coastal areas of Sri Lanka averages around 27.1°C while the central hills are cold with an average temperature of 16°C.


Currency unit in Sri Lanka is Sri Lanka Rupee. There are 100 cents to the rupee.  You could exchange most of the major foreign currencies from banks located at the arrival lounge of the airport as well as in many cities.


The Katunayaka Bandaranaika International airport is the main airport in the country for international flights.